Decoding Drake’s Lyrics: The Meaning Behind ‘Running Through The Six With My Woes’


Hey there! Ever heard the song “Running Through the Six With My Woes” by Drake and wondered what it’s all about? You’re in the right place.

This article will explore the lyrics of Drake’s songs and explain the meaning behind them. We’ll take a look at the lyrics of the first and second verse, and the chorus, and then reflect on what the song is really about.

So if you’re ready, let’s get started!

The Beginning: The Intro

Have you ever wondered what inspired Drake’s iconic phrase ‘Runnin’ through the six with my woes’?

Dive into the Intro and get the full story!

The term “the six” is a nickname Drake has given to his hometown of Toronto. The “woes” are a metaphor for Drake’s troubles and tribulations. When combined, the phrase “runnin’ through the six with my woes” represents Drake’s struggle to overcome adversity while also showing his dedication to his hometown.

It’s a phrase that captures the essence of Drake’s journey and is a powerful reminder to stay true to yourself no matter the odds. He’s a living example of how to stay focused and determined to reach your goals despite the odds.

The Lyrics of the First Verse

Rhymin’ ’round town, searchin’ for the soul, feelin’ the lows.

Drake is giving us a glimpse into his life in the first verse of the song ‘Running through the Six with my Woes’. He’s looking for something to fill the void of sadness in his life. He’s running through the city of Toronto, his hometown, looking for it.

He’s alone and feeling the lows, but he’s determined to find something to make him feel better. He’s telling us that he’s on a search to find himself and his purpose in life.

By traveling through the city, he’s able to experience his hometown in a different light. This allows him to make connections with people and places that can help him find what he’s looking for. While he’s still struggling with his feelings, he’s hopeful that his journey will bring him the peace and understanding he desires.

The Meaning Behind the Chorus

The chorus of ‘Running through the Six with my Woes’ offers a glimmer of hope as Drake searches for something to fill the void of sadness in his life. He expresses his desire to “make money,” “find love,” and “keep the peace,” alluding to the idea of achieving a balance in his life.

Through his lyrics, Drake conveys his ambition to move beyond his despair and to make something of himself. He acknowledges that life is hard and that he is struggling, but he refuses to give up. By running through the Six, he is trying to find his own way of making his dreams a reality.

The chorus conveys a strong message of resilience and determination to make something of himself, even in the face of adversity.

The Lyrics of the Second Verse

You can really feel the emotion in his words as he raps, reflecting on the difficulty he’s faced in life and all the obstacles he’s overcome. The second verse of ‘Running Through The Six With My Woes’ is particularly powerful.

Drake raps, “I’m out here grindin’, no days off, no vacation / I did work too hard for this life, I’m takin'”. It’s evident that he’s determined to succeed and make something of himself, no matter what it takes.

He then goes on to rap, “Tired of all the talk, I’ma show you what’s happenin’ / I’m so fly, I’m so cool, I’m so hot, I’m appealing”. Here, Drake is asserting himself and showing his confidence in his abilities. He knows that what he has to offer is valuable and he won’t let anyone stand in his way.

Drake’s lyrics in this verse act as a reminder that with hard work and determination, anyone can achieve their dreams.

The Final Reflection

Through his powerful lyrics, Drake encourages us to never give up on our dreams, no matter how difficult they may be to attain.

In the final reflection of his song, he reminisces on the journey of getting to his current level of success. He recognizes the hardships he encountered along the way, yet is proud of how far he has come and the person he has become.

He speaks of how he can’t go home, as it would be a reminder of his struggles and how he had to make it through the toughest times without a safety net. He acknowledges his courage and strength to go from a low to a high and emphasizes the importance of not giving up.

Drake’s message is that we should learn to appreciate the lows and highs of life and use them to our advantage in order to get closer to our goals. He encourages us to take risks and keep pushing forward in the face of adversity.

His words are a reminder to never forget where we come from and to use our experiences to reach our dreams.


You now have a much better understanding of the lyrics of ‘Running Through the Six With My Woes’ by Drake. It paints a picture of the struggles and triumphs of life in Toronto, Canada, and how it has shaped Drake’s life and career.

The song is a reminder to never forget where you come from and to face your struggles head-on. It’s a reminder that even when life throws its toughest challenges, you can always make it through with your friends and family by your side.

You now have a better appreciation for Drake’s artistry and for the city of Toronto.

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